Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Walking Dead POP figures

Sorry for lack of updates but I have been moving house so yeah.. keep those judgemental eyes off of me and enjoy the fucking review... damn.
So ages ago I found these in my friends local Forbidden Planet going for £9.99 which I thought was pretty good and being the massive fag I am I've gotten into the habit of just buying anything that has The Walking Dead on it [yes one of those mindless fans] but these are hella fucking cute.
Box art is pretty nice and shows what other ones in the Walking Dead franchise you can buy.. I'd have much preferred other charters to random zombies but maybe I'm just picky..
Cue the gasps of a thousand nerds screaming 'BUT MINT IN BOX!' I'm sorry I like to play with my toys. I might even make them fight to the death with my huge Jigsaw from SAW model.. or make them kiss for all the nutjob fangirls out there.
Here's a DVD to show how big these suckers are.
NOW for the whole 'are they worth the money?' bit in which I fondle them lovingly and pick out every bad flaw they have...  just like a douchebag boyfriend.
The join for head and body is pretty big.
Random stains on his ass and head.... Rick? what you been doing buddy?
Massive scuff on the top of his hat and from the feel of it wasn't intentional and there was no colour on the plastic crap that held him in the box.
Nothing wrong with him from a far.
Still perfect... just like Norman Reedus [All dem fangurls son]
Oh and found this on Rick's ear..

 So they are cute and look nice in their boxes but also I feel there was far too much damage on Rick for my liking, a lot of clumsy errors and maybe they shouldn't have packed/sold it that way. Not getting a refund as it's just staying in the box till I think of horrid webcomics to make.
I'd say very much worth £9.99 but not any more then that.
Cuteness: 5/5
Quality: 3/10
Price: 4/5

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