Tuesday, 9 July 2013

LFCC - The people, the guests, my return

Well I have been dead for sometime.. but this post will mark my return.. god so sorry for those of you who give a crap that I have been gone so long. So I rocked up to London Film and Comic Con last weekend with some buddies and I got to meet Norman mother fucking Reedus of Walking Dead fame and Sarah Wayne C who plays Lori from The Walking Dead.
Also cosplayers!
I turn away from this guy to take a picture of a Rick cosplayer and he scares the crap out of me, you can see him grinning smugly through his mask.
Rick and zombie Daryl

Lori! she was a nice lady, pretty too.
HE WAS SO AMAZING, you can tell the man loves his fans, he's a great guy. I got a hug, I must never wash again... ever.
Norman wanted ALLLLLLL the book space. All his.
Ah it's amazing..
Anyway.. there will be more from me from now on.

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