Wednesday, 7 August 2013

House Of The Dead, Left 4 Dead, DEAD SPACE and good ol' John

Well I would like to say I have been hella busy with cool things but really I've been sat in a dark room watching horror movies and feeling rather sorry for myself. True story. But today I will bring you a lovely selection of goodies from the last week or so.
-- House Of The Dead--
First off I went to a new arcade in London called 'The Heart Of Gaming' which charges to get into the venue but every game is free and you can play anything as much as you like. Has some dance machines, loads of fighting games annnnnd House Of The Dead! light guns and all.
Now a few years back you could find a House Of The Dead 3 in pretty much any arcade and very rare cases a 4 or a 2... but never have I seen an arcade that has House 1. The arcade box isn't an official or original one but it's still a chance to play an awesome arcade game in well.. an arcade setting.
Guns work really well in this arcade you can tell they care for their things where as big arcades tend to think duck taping the fuck out of the house 3 shot guns will magically keep them alive for another thousand years.
House arcade machines seem to get harder and harder to find, I used to work as machine maintenance in a local arcade for some time and the House 3 machine was my baby, every lunch break I'd grab food and stuff it into my mouth between cut scenes playing this mother but since my time at that place the House 3 and 4 has gone.
Maybe due to being a family arcade and there is no place with all the slot machines.. grabber toys and silly 3D reality simulators for such a fine beast like the best known horror arcade game...
Anyway my point IS this arcade still has a House and with working guns that you don't have to shake the ever loving crap out of to reload... I talked to the owner and he seems to have big plans on getting the other ones into his place. So he's aiming to get the other houses and as far as I know on my travels and being a massive whore for House that would be the only place to have them!
Very excited and will more then likely spend my life there playing all of them... maybe at once if I grow tentacles from all the energy drinks and misery I'm fuelled with these days ha.
If you wanna check the place out you can find them on facebook HEART OF GAMING ARCADE
--Left 4 Dead 3?--

I'm sure everyone and their dog has seen this by now but holy fucking crap man! L4D3? I mean I love L4D everyone who reads this blog should know how gay I am for it [very gay] but out of all the games that they could have done a third for [How long have all you half life fans been waiting? haha suck it] I mean I think PORTAL 2 was the newest one? bit rusty on my valve kids.

And before P2 there was l4d2.. does this imply that L4D was their most popular franchise? cus shit, have you not seen how crazy... dedicated to hats the TF2 fandom are? long as you chuck new maps and silly head clothing their way they are happy for life I spose..

But how can you build more on L4D? I mean in the second one you get new chars.. they even cross over worlds with the first lot which is awesome and I have spent so much time and money on the bloody dlc's and whatever else that comes my way.

Weapons was a fun add in number two where you could coat your screen in zombie blood and not be able o see while your mate yells at you from the place on the sofa next to you or across a headset...

All the added special infected made the game abit.... eh... like move two steps.. JOCKEY BALLS IN YOUR FACE... walk down this road COVERED IN SPITTER PUKE... well now that's over.. FUCKING HELL WITCHES CAN WALK NOW?..... oh well that's kinda ne- KARMA CHARGED INTO DEATH.

That's an average five minute scenario when playing the second game... they could have just taken some of the old ones out for the new ones? too many special infected.. I hope int he third they will make all new ones or limit them. Also the charters in two.. Black girl, Uncle Phill, Redneck asshat and my future husband Nick [aka that douchebag Steve from the remake of Dawn Of The Dead] are.. lacking compared to the ones from L4D.

I'm thinking maybe since kids love their zombies and zombies are fucking huge money makers this is why the third l4d is coming out before the third... ANYTHING from valve. I look forward to it greatly but also fully prepared for heartbreak and disappointment.

---Dead Space--
I'm a massive fag and got a DS tat

Hurt like a mother fucker and those lines up my neck? caused my left arm to go funny. The words under it are marker symbols for 'REBIRTH' they also look like UNKNOWN's from pokemon, Double cool points.


So I got bored few weeks ago and made a facebook page for John Kramer the guy who is Jigsaw in SAW. It's going... well.. I have three friends.. feel free to add and enjoy.

Much love

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