Monday, 13 October 2014

How To Make Fake Blood

Well that blog post I said I'd post Monday? HERE IT IS....

I've been doing fake blood for cosplays for awhile now and a fair few people always ask me how I do it and really like it. So I thought I would show all you lovely people how I do my shiz.
What you will need
Leaf gelatine
Red food dye
That's it! you can get the cheapest of either it still works, I think my food dye was 49p from ASDAs and the gel was like.. £1.05 I think?
Now how much you buy is up to you. All of this just about covered a dress, top, corset, flowers, veil so pretty good going.
What you do is with the sheets of gel is to cut them up into smaller pieces.
Just cus it's much easier to get them all to melt that way.
For each pack of gel I used all of one bottle of food dye for each pack and used water [Water just makes it go further]
Add half the food dye first.
Just wait till the gel starts to melt and add two table spoons of tap water to get it going.
Stir the fuck out of it till it's all melted in before adding the rest of the food dye.
It'll go super dark and thick and you have to work very fast with it as it starts to dry almost right away. BIG tip is already have what you want to fake blood up already set up and waiting.
More gelatine to food dye/water means it'll be thicker, harder to use , dries much faster and doesn't go as far. Thus the water and a whole bottle of colouring.
And what you have is fake blood that LOOKS wet but is dry and if your in a rush it pretty much dries within five minutes.
I like making hand prints so I always stick my hand in and go nuts.
But it's so easy to wash off since the food dye is in the gel the dye doesn't leave any marks on sides or your skin, It's easy to just peel off and clean away.
Hopefully this little tip will help you guys in the future.

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