Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What I want from 2014

Dear horror maker people out there, here is my wish list for 2014 and I expect and demand that you follow it or at least give me something.

2013 was well and truly a.... disappointment for me in the horror movie world. A few things came out that I loved and a lot of things I'd rather bone, shove in a sack and let float down the river out of my mind as I drive back to my wife in the city. But next year I want better of the genre damnit.

My wish list.

More cute horror crap

I love these cute things, I got most THE WALKING DEAD ones and aim to get some others but aren't they so effing cute?
Dog Soldiers was one of my fav movies ever and I am yet to see another werewolf movie that was as good.. I know there are ones like WOLFMAN, Ginger Snaps, Blood and Chocolate along with Howling and American Werewolf in Paris... but I just want something with that original spark like this movie did for me..
Not enough love..
Japanese Horror Movies Turned English
I know so many Japanese movies turned by America are crap but I still want more, I still wanna be unhappy at them and embrace the badness and sit there and whine 'IT WAS LIKE THIS IN THE ORGINAL' and blog about it in a pretentious fashion.
DEAD SPACE the movie
Don't mind me and my MASSIVE boner for Dead Space but I'd love a movie... and I know it would be average at best but give me!
Horror conventions.. my kingdom for  a horror convention!
Those are my main wants for 2014... simple wants~

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