Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Horror Cupcakes - A Zombie Ate My Cupcake Review

So I bought that horror related cake book called 'A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!' and my friend really wanted to make some for her blog and I thought.. yeah it'll be fun! oh my god can I not follow directions well and so much 'nah we don't REALLY need that...' yeah they turned out.. normal cupcakes.

So we decided to make the glass ones which are very basically any base of cupcake you like. She lists all her cake bases and how to make them in the back. Frosting that she also tells you how to make and then the fake glass that you stab in the top.

I'm telling you now that you won't find everything you need in your local ASDAs or TESCOs some stuff is a little more up market and you will have to put thought into where to get your things before you start this cupcake journey or do what we did and ignore it and make very nice but foul tasting cupcakes haha

We picked 'Red Velvet' and I think the things we missed out on like 'Buttercream Milk' were very much needed for the batter as ours turned out like very awkward plop that tasted very dry. Her step by steps in making the cakes themselves and all icing is very easy to follow and helpful.


Cupcakes are very fun to make at least even if you are hoping to god they turn out alright at the end of it.

Oh god.. the 'glass' we used about 3/4 of a medium bag of freaking sugar and alot of hot water for this I even splashed out on a new baking tray for it! [98p I will never see again, sob] We must have waited a good hour and a half for this shit to settle and become hard... NOPE not working I guess the lack of liquid glucose might have had something to do with it..

I'm a man I don't follow directions -flex- but maybe when it comes to these things.. I really, really should.

So we spooned in the awkward life of it's own cake mix..

They looked good in the oven... came out more browny then red but I think you need to invest in some good quality and pricey food dye to make it work not 55p junk from TESCO's.

So the end result was dryish cupcakes with VERY VERY sweet but lovely tasting icing [I'm rather boss at this icing crap, never done it before] but hey.. they look great but sadly not very'horror' as the glass never worked and we didn't make/remember the fake blood 'cherry sauce'

So yes, if you want the perfect horror cupcakes don't be a numbnuts and not follow the list of needed things or half of it won't work.

Now back to the book itself. I find alot of her cupcake designs pretty cop out and not very creative, as cute as the 'Mummy' cakes are they are just any old cupcake with frosting or icing to look like bandages and eyes on them. Not hard, and some aren't very horror-y at all.

There are some like the 'Fallen Angel' cupcakes that look like kids made them for Easter.  Just cupcakes with a few gold eggs plopped on the top. But again there are some really awesome designs like these ones.

Day Of The Dead Skulls

In the future I think we will follow a easy normal cupcake guide like I'm used to [I backed 60 freaking cupcakes for a Team Fortress cosplay group one year] and go with the decorations.

Retails brand new for £6.99

Would make a great gift to the horror minded baker.

But hey.. someone enjoyed the cakes.


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