Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Horror Mansion

While bored and having a look around online for something else to have a read of while my partner spends all night playing Saints Row the third I came across this manga. It's a collection of short horror stories. It's kinda like 'Are you afraid of the dark?' or 'Goosebumps'

By Ochazukenori

About a woman who is driven crazy by stalker like phone calls.

A brother and sister who are awkwardly close, he gets a girlfriend who happens to be his sister's best friend and there is jealousy to be had as well as human spiders and a very strange sex scene.

A couple go to the beach together and the girl is confronted by a mother who has lost her child.. Another tragic water themed horror story, I sense a theme in Japanese horror.

A good old fashion cannibal story.

This is a very short story, follows on from the last panels of the story before it. A one way love story with grim endings.

A really wtf and gory story of the evil COUNT KEVIN! [I hope that was a translation mistake..]

A three part story about two sisters cursed by a lake.

Horror Mansion Manga 2

Much longer then the last few, about a father and his girl who soon finds out the sick measures he has gone to keep her close and what happened to her mother. My fav story so far, it's sick and grim.

A bitter sweet story about two lovers who make the ultimate promise but there is betrayal. Also LESBIANS.

Oh yes there's two more parts to the adventures of COUNT KEVIN!

And now for some crazy Japan. A jealous lover catches her love sleeping with another woman and kills her. A witch then decides she will be reborn as her lover and the other woman's child...

I don't really know what to say about this one other then odd family affairs and bitches be crazy.

No girls with long hair trying to kill you in this. A short story to go out with, a tape that tells the future.

These manga's and all the short stories are pretty good reads, some are far too short like maybe 5 pages long? The art style has it's own arty style and it's nice to see manga as old as this and seeing how far it has come since 25 years ago in leaps and bounds.

Some old school style horror stories with not too much of Japan's whackyness. If you want to read something gory, short and fast paced this is good but if your someone who likes length and real plot then give this a miss as you can sometimes find yourself really getting into it and then it just comes to an end.

Art: 3/5
Gore: 5/5
Plots: 4.5/5
Scares: 1/5

Overall enjoyment 4.5/5

Wish some had been longer.


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