Thursday, 12 July 2012

London Film & Comic Convention

Not many photos or much to say compared to other cons as I only went on the Sunday and Sunday is always the slow day but regardless of this I had an ace time as did my friends. Met some awesome cosplayers and had some nice conversations with them. So onwards!

Rick from The Walking Dead


Shaun from Shaun Of The Dead

Great horror make-up!

Zombie hunter

All the cosplayers I was able to snap, like I said I missed out on Sat.

There was an awesome horror table with some props and merch, I really want the Hellraiser cube so badly.. but I didn't have a £50 spare ha.

And there was a large Alien and Predator stand.

A relative of my guy!

I like the more comic book and sci-fi based things are even MORE horror stalls!

Sadly Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame bailed as they moved the filming for the show around and we missed him sadly.. But a huge Norman Reedus fan decided to get a book, take photos and let us all put messages for him and it'll get sent away so that's pretty cool.

Little Norman!

Oh and I got to meet Tom Skerritt but I don't know if it's the fella's age or what but he wasn't very up for chatting, didn't seem friendly and I really don't think he knew where he was..

My signed pic : D

All in all it was fun enough, bit boring but least didn't have to line up very long. Got to meet Short Round from Indy, The Todd from Scrubs and other people and a day in London was fun anyway.


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