Friday, 16 November 2012

Dead Space: The New Doom 3?

It's no secret I love the Dead Space franchise form the games to the movies and the books but I have never played a DOOM until recently. I knew DOOM was the godfather of shooting games and even invented the 'FPS' First Person Shooter genre one handed but had never played.
My partner is huge into DOOM and after we both played DOOM 3 BFG ed at Eurogamer they bought it when it came out and I played DOOM 2 with them but last two weeks I've been watching them play it and I've noticed..
DOOM 3 is looooads like DEAD SPACE.. I mean -alot- and  since DOOM 3 came first DEAD SPACE seemed very heavy based on DOOM 3 and I really could not help but notice.
Dead Space 2008    vs    DOOM 3 2004
Similarities between the two games..
- Both are set in space
Both the main characters you play as DS: Isacc Clarke and D3: Doomguy you hardly if EVER hear them talk. I think you never hear Doomguy talk and I know Isaac doesn't talk more then a line in DS one but is abit more chatty in number 2. You also hardly see ether's face due to DOOM 3 being an FPS and Isaac with his headgear.
Now with the weapons, this might all be personal choice but I find the plasma gun in DOOM3 the best gun in that game and the plasma run blade cutter from DS to be the best in that game. Both weapons are 'plasma' based and both blue..
In both games some science type buttheads find this artifact and shit goes wrong.
Both have nasty warped nasties that are more then likely both mutated humans.
Also similarties include..
Asshole science guys who think what they are doing is right.
Same spaceship looking insides.
Goo growing everywhere
A wide range of nasties.
But there are a fair few different things too such as Issac's girlfriend or wife is on the ship that's infected and he's going there to do a job. Doomguy it's just his job.
Deadspace have a crazy faith based on the alien crap they dug up known as Unitology.
Isaac is a engineer and Doomguy is a marine.
DS has alot more plot..
So there are enough things that keep the games different but there is no denying there is an awful look of similarities between the two. I googled what the rest of the Internet thought of my passing 'Huh.. those are similar...' and I'm not the only one.
DEAD SPACE 3 is coming out next year as is DOOM 4 from what I have heard. So is Dead Space like a new and modern DOOM? borrowed ideas pretty heavily from the DOOM game? or is it all just nerdy nit picking from the Internet?

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  1. The first time I played Deadspace, I couldn't really enjoy it that much coz I'd already played Doom 3 and had loved it for its scare tactics, and then DS failed to scare me and felt comparatively boring. IMO Doom 3 is still the king.