Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 - First Impression's

Well I finally got around to watching the third season of The Walking Dead and watched episode one and two today and my first impressions thus far are pretty good.
I like how they are now at the prison like in the comic book. The seasons before it has elements of the comic just railroaded off of it alot such as people being dead when they should be alive and vice verse, new characters and group dynamics but you just need to learn [myself included I know] that the show and the comic are two different things, just treat them as such. I have made peace with my nerd rage and even though I miss Dale there are some cool characters like Daryl so I'm letting it go and enjoying.
Like I said treat them as two different things as there are so many changes.
But the prison this season is one from the comic and so is the character Michonne who was always a big favourite of mine in the comic books, she's amazing and I was worried they'd ef her up something awful but no, from what I have seen of her she is still awesome.
I still think she is a beautiful warrior goddess! I know, I gush, but I love the character and I love the person they picked for the role. I hope to see alot more of her in coming episodes, they made such a huge deal of seeing her at the end of season two that I thought there would be alot more of her in ep one but that's ok, the two eps so far have been action packed and enjoyable.
I like the friction between Lori and Rick it's more on the surface then it ever was in the comics at that stage and even though Lori is a total bitch in the comic and hey most of the time in the show you feel sorry for her as you see her break down in episode two.
So they find the prison and empty it out, goes fairly ok and they see prisoners like in the comic. A group of people who seem ok, little bland but more or less decent enough lead by a massive cock in a white vest and sporting some damn greasy looking hair.
There's the classic conflict between our group and the prison but new badasss Rick and Daryl soon deal with that and shit happens leaving the convicts down to two, a cool headed black fella and a very confused but chatty man. I'm kinda glad they are alive shame about the big black fella he was cool and the way he didn't want to fight the walkers made me feel he wasn't in there for anything bad.
I'm so glad nasty greasy asshole face was killed. Was in self defence though so it was justified. Also Hershal got bit and Rick chopped his leg off.. in Dale's absence it seems Hershal is getting his one legged fate.
That's all I have seen so far but this season seems very actiony with a much better mix of human stuff vs zombie stuff.
I think this might be the best season so far and looking back at the pretty...eh moments in season one this is great.
Look forward to seeing how it differs/is the same as the comic.
So far I rate a 5 out of 5! mega bonus points for it being the first thing in a very long time to make me feel a little grossed out at the gore.

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