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The Walking Dead Game - The End

Ok this is going to be a post about the ending of the game and stuff so look away now.


The  Walking Dead

So by now Kenny has lost his wife and son who I'll be honest... not the best characters anyway also Lilly fucked off with the RV in my version because I was too nice to leave her to die like I should have. I guess she was pissed that me and Kenny jumped at the chance to kill that shitty old fucker she called Dad.

Man that was a good moment. Anyway so you make it into town with the help of angry motherly character Christa and short stack well needed comedy guy Omid.

Oh and Charles the homeless guy but sadly he lasts all of five minutes as he dies trying to save Clem who Ben,t he massive useless fucking douchebag that is Ben just runs and leaves her to get noshed on.

So anyway the ending is Lee gets bit, I choose to show everyone my bite and they all helped as much as they could, oh and I also gave my Lee the Rick treatment and had his arm removed.. I honestly thought 'hey they save someone in the comic and the show like that!' but no.. didn't work.

As a game The Walking Dead doesn't have alot of game play to offer, alot of the time I found myself so sucked into watching the story and sometimes clicking buttons to pick what Lee says that when it comes to SMASH THE FUCKING A BUTTON TO WIN I forget it's NOT a movie and it is a game that requires I do something from time to time. If you like a game full of action, this isn't for you but if you prefer something that's heavy on story then this is amazing.

So as the ending draws you have a choice when Ben gets knocked back and Lee has to pull him up or let him drop.. I could not fucking let him drop fast enough,I always thought he was a shit and annoying buthole.. he got Carly shot in the face, left Clem to get killed, also was at fault for Kenny losing his wife and child.. and when Kenny was like 'Do what you need to' I was more then 'RIGHT AWAY BESTEST BEST FRIEND' it was not a hard choice for me.

This kind of game shows you the kind of person you are in a crises.. and I am a heartless asshole. I also tried to save Shaun not Duck at the start, pfft.. kids.

So in the end Ben gets dropped, Kenny vanishes trying to save Christa and you are left alone to find Clem who you do save.

And oh god.. when your alone with her and turning into a zombie regardless of cutting your arm off... I have never sobbed so much at a game, it was intense and gripping, you have been with Lee and Clem all the way and everything I did in the game was for the sake of Clem, I always tried to do right by her and the bond they had was.. excuse me for sounding like a wussy baby.. really beautiful and touching.

The whole scene and the dialogue between the two characters feels so heart felt and gripping that it honestly broke me heart watching it. I picked for Clem to shoot Lee to stop from seeing him turn. Oh god, so many manly tears. My partner also had a cry so it wasn't just me being a massive wussy..

It was made even sadder by the fact there was some sad chick song at the end which just added to it.. and then the ending seeing Clem all alone... baaaaw.

Clem seeing her folks as zombies then having to shoot or see the one person she had left in the world turn into a zombie... really pulled at the heart strings. I'm a fan of the comic and the show but this game has raised the plot and story bar SO FUCKING HIGH that the other two media forms need to pull their acts together.

Also the ending where Clem see's two people in the distance? totes going to be the start of the next game I recon.

So cast break down..

 Is a pretty awesome guy and a great character to play as, not to mention he has hella smooth voice. Such a great stand in father for Clem.

I honestly thought as she was a kid she would be the most annoying person in the game but she's this adorable, lovely and brave little girl.

Some fat guy you don't pick cus it's him or a hot chick with a gun. 

Ok this is the most annoying person.. though he's not too bad and it's sad what happens to him.. Also don't feel too bad, he dies and comes back as Sid from Toy Story..

Oh hey that guy from the show and comic who's pretty much 'Hi this is my cameo... bye!'

Pretty much the same as Glenn and well.. a meany doodoo head.

Redneck soon to be bestest best friend forever. I wish my ending with him had been a littler gayer better then it had been, but I guess punching him in the train wasn't the right way to cement the best of friendships.. I liked him all the way through tho.

That massive cunthole that no one hesitated to kill off. I hated him but I think that was the point.

Cuntholes angry always PMSing daughter who could benefit from a good dicking.

Yeah.. that guy

I liked her, she was a good strong non massive vagina rage monster female. I was hoping to bonk her but fucking Ben got her face blown off.

No impression on her what so ever other then her accent would change about a hundred times and sometimes altogether vanish.

Who the? where did he com- oh doesn't matter he's food now anyway.

I thought she was another rage monster women when we first meet her but she's a pretty kick ass female char in the end and I totally wanted her and Omid to have Clem.

What a useless bellend.. if ever a character I wanted to get rid of.. was so useless and lanky and stupid and useless and... yeah I had no moments hesitance to drop that fucker into the all you can eat zombie buffet.

I didn't like her or any of the Vernon's lot.. found them boring and she was

I liked Omid and wish there had been more of him as he was a nice light hearted dash of comedy here and there but he didn't seem goofy or shoe horned in.

The Stranger
Who I'm convinced was just William Defoe in video game form..

Also sorry to chuck about a thousand images at you but I don't think it's just a coincidence that the achievements look alike..

L4D vs Walking Dead achievements..

 The games final marks from me

Plot: 4.5/5
Pacing: 4/5
Cast: 4.5/5
Scares: 1/5
Gore: 3/5
Overall enjoyment: 4/5


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