Wednesday, 6 March 2013

World Zombie Day - 2013

Well they have announced when this years WORLD ZOMBIE DAY in London will be and I am happy to pass this on to you.. it'll be Saturday the 12th of October with the start time of 1pm in London but nothing further has been announced.

Once again we will be taking the streets of London in our many blood dripping, brain eating numbers to raise money for a great cause! I hope to see ever more people there then last time!

This is what happened last WORLD ZOMBIE DAY

It was fun, I met some awesome people who I talked to again at other conventions, everyone was in good spirits, some people were fantastic, so in character and I aim to be like that this year. I think I might be going alone this time sadly but gives me a chance for less natter and more ambling around and getting my zombie on! 

I suggest to anyone who's never been.. dress warm, I was bloody cold and wear comfy footwear. Last year I went as zombie Bill from LEFT 4 DEAD and not sure about this year.. tempted to do zombie Dale from The Walking Dead... who knows but after seeing some of the amazing people last year I need to up my game haha.

To keep an eye out on more information on this awesome event please visit the WORLD ZOMBIE DAY page!


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