Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dangan Ronpa - The Animation

Look look I'm reviewing something loooook!
Starting to become a rare ass thing that. But anyway I recently started to watch an anime called Dangan Ronpa also known by it's long ass full name Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair. It's a murder mystery horror anime which reminds me of Battle Royal crossed with Pheonix Wright games.
It's based on games that are pretty much like a much faster paced PW deal but the anime's plot is pretty much this. A random group of kids go to a high school and wake up in a class room alone with a note telling them that they have to meet for the opening ceremony.
Once they get there they are with a bunch of odd people [all the cast are pretty bloody colourful and in my opinion pretty awesome minus the main guy who is boring mc blankface] and a fucking bear comes out and announces they are all trapped in this highschool forever.
Which pisses people off as you can understand.. I hated school for those five years let alone the prospect of being trapped with these asshats for the rest of my life and possibly never being allowed to see actual sunlight again... Buuut Monobear/Monokuma which seems to be the mastermind behind it all says that one person can graduate and leave this place... everyone has to kill someone else and if they get away with the perfect murder they are free to go.
That's why it rings so close to Battle Royal with me.
So anyway this bear appears and tells everyone whats going on. How the only way to be free is to kill someone. Everyone gets their own pass cards and later in the anime you find out only boys can go into the boys changing rooms and same with girls. Each time someone is killed there is a trial in which people go against each other then take a vote. If the killer gets away with It everyone else dies and the killer goes free but if the killer is found then he is killed after group vote.
The court room style scenes are a lot like a PW game and the executions at the end are pretty awesomely animated. I can't give screen caps as I don't want to give too much away.. which is why this review is looking very.. pictureless ha.
Each time it looks like no one is going to kill each other Monobear add's something like the first time they all get a DVD of a message from friends/family/loved ones and then it looks like something horrible has happened to them and the only way they can get out and save them is by playing the game and killing people off..
So far I am really enjoying the anime and it's only 9 episodes long at the moment as it's all new and shiny~ The gore is pretty good and a lot of the time you never see whats coming or who did it. It's a very clever anime that doesn't have too much of the annoying things that make most animes abit much to handle.
The cast also amuses me for the most part, some great ones.
Aoi Asahina
Only real 'fan service' and even then the anime doesn't have the dreaded 'jiggle pyshics' that put a lot of people off of the genre. She's abit of a dumb shit but a sweet enough character.
Celestia Ludenberg
Gothic Lolita girl who is full of bullshit and lies who has gambled a lot and won a lot of money in her time. She annoys me a little where she comes across as a smug butthole from the start.
Chihiro Fujisaki
A fairly adorable character I like this one, they are kinda cute and sweet if not abit meek. Very smart and good with computers.
Touko Fukawa
Crazy mother fucker, she's scatty, hates the sight of blood, totally obsessed with one of the guys to the point of stalking, very low self esteem and self confidence. You'll never guess her secret~
Yasuhiro Hagakure
I love this guy, he's so laid back, bit on the stupid side and has pyschis gifts that are about 30% accurate. Least he's honest about it. I like him, he's goofy and that hair.. that hair is amazing man.
Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Hardass do gooder who never breaks rules and has a very high moral compass. Very over the top and over expressive in everything he says and does. Also a liked character of mine.
Junko Enoshima
Catty fashion girl from another Japanese fashion scene. Sarcastic and has balls. Also, that skirt... what.
Kyouko Kirigiri
Typical silent and smart girl who seems to know everything. I don't dislike her I just find her to be one of the annoying cliche's.
Sayaka Maizono
Could not give two craps about this bitch. She's a singer in a band and knows the main guy, that's pretty much the extent of her character. Bit of a cry baby fuckhat too.
He's pretty awesome, sadistic, cruel and a little goofy at times.
Makoto Naegi
Main guy who no one knows why he's there as he's as special as a turd. He's Mr Joe average boring pants that people can relate too I spose? Boring and care very little for him but you know he's safe as he's in 'main guy' safety status.
Mondo Oowada
Watch it, we got a badass over here. Violent, touch guy potty mouth biker with a bitching do. I love this guy loads. He's pretty ace. I also love the voice actor and I picked it out a mile away.
Sakura Oogami
Street fighter is all that came to my mind with her. I think it's funny she's a she but who am I to judge.. she's a nice girl and one of the better charters once you get your head around her..
Byakuya Togami
I find him to be a boring overly smug asshole. Again not really an enjoyd member of the cast for me. Needs a punch,
Hifumi Yamada
Some fat art guy who is obsessed with the gothic Lolita.. pretty much it.
Leon Kuwata
Would go gay for, yep, I don't know why but damn he's a pretty boy. Cocky and a baseball player I think he was only added in so teenagers could make him gay with other men.
So overall on the so far of this anime..
Plot: 4/5
Scares: 0/5
Gore: 4/5
Overall enjoyment: 4.5/5
You can watch it here WATCH DANGAN RONPA

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