Thursday, 12 September 2013

Horror Drinking Game!

Horror Movie Drinking Game
Well I made a horror movie bingo not long ago and a few people have been nagging me to do a horror movie drinking game post.. I know a lot of pushy drunks apparently.
Now every sub genre of horror is different.. you wont get a teenage girl running from a lunatic in a space horror [normally] or a bad zombie kill in a vampire movie [normally] so I will try make a nice fun and general one for everyone. Never made a drinking game in my life but if you pick some awesomely cheesy bad movies you should get pissed as a fart from just half hour.
I'm trying to get people drunk now too apparently.. maybe I'm just the reason I have so many drunk friends? anyway enough about my some what dark motives coming to light haha drinking game.
Now things you will need..
- A selection of amazing [ly bad] horror movies
- A bunch of friends [or find people off the street..]
- Booze
- Buckets [Cus if your watching a movie made by The Asylum you'll need it]
Got that? good good.
- The black guy dies first [1 shot]
- Every time a door is opened dramatically and nothing is there [1 shot]
- For every time your mate makes you jump [1/2 shot]
- Every time there is a close up of a women as she screams [1 shot]
- For every 'IT'S BEHIND YOU' moment [1 shot]
- For every time a girl trips trying to run away [1 shot]
- For every time someone misses with a gun [1 shot]
- For every time you think this movie would be better if Norman Reedus was in it [1 shot plus seek nearest fangirl detention centre]
- For every time a character says or does something stupid [1/2 shot]
- For every time the blood looks so fake you could put it on your fries [1/2 shot]
- For every time a girl under possession references sex or her vagina [1/2 shot]
- For every time an orchestra plays dramatically out of no where [1 shot]
- For every creepy child [1/2 shot]
- For every needless sex scene [1 shot]
- For every time a group splits up [1 shot]
- For every time IT WAS ALL A DREAM scene [1 shot]  [PS not advised for any Nightmare on Elm Street movie or you'd more then likely die]
- For every time someone says something like 'It'll be ok' 'We'll be ok' 'Everything is ok' [1 shot]
- For every time someone stares out a window/into a mirror for a long time and something happens [1 shot]
- For every time someone stands and stares while someone is killed/eaten/bit [1 shot]
- For every unintentional and intentional pun [1 shot again avoid Freddy movies]
- For every time a car/machine won't turn on [1 shot]
- For every locked door [1 shot]
- For every time you make a mate jump [1 shot for being a total asshole]
And that's all I can offer this morning but hey I might update some at some point.. hope you enjoyed the silliness though! Don't get too drunk...
Much love

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