Friday, 20 September 2013


I mother fucking love Halloween and despite what a lot of people say that I just like it to be all 'goff' or whatever I just love Halloween. Bats, spiders and pumpkins are fucking cute ok? and Halloween is where they are all combined? bitching. And come on.. what horror fan doesn't like Halloween? all those movies they show..
Also this year I get to have trick or treaters and I intend to be at that door at every knock in my full pig mask Jigsaw costume so scare the crap out of them haha. Hey don't judge me I'm not as bad as my grandfather who pretty much spends the night at the front door with a watergun poised ready for an attack or tell them to 'Feck off' so shut up.
So yeah, last year I made this post IDEAS FOR AN AWESOME HALLOWEEN  I suggest you all read it.
So I was in town today and me and a friend are going to co host a Halloween party this year and in POUND WORLD of all places.. I found pretty much a whole fucking asle dedicated to Halloween.. want all the things..

So many things perfect for a party, plastic cups, skull shaped shot glasses [plastic] Haunted house shaped dip bowls, skull, monster, witch,  pumpkin and all things Halloween decorated stuff.
Decorations, make-up.
Awesome welcome mats.
Also pretty sweet 'costume' things for an effing quid man.
Decorations that would make a pikey fairground ride blush from cheeseyness.
Also Halloween things made from tinsel? Halloween meets Christmas apparently.
I plan on spending at least you know.. £100 there at some point in the future.. not for Halloween just to decorate my house in orange, black and purples cus I'm cool like that.
Hope my finds will aid you in your own party.
Much love

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