Monday, 17 March 2014

World Zombie Day 2014!


World Zombie Day has been announced! well awhile now but I decided now to let everyone know ha. For everyone who has no idea what Zombie Day is it's when loads of us nerdy horror types decide to dress up as zombies and act like them through the streets of London bothering and worrying the normal people who wish we'd stop being pains in the ass.

Dress up like zombies, drink booze, take photos, have an awesome day and as always it's to raise money for charity a very good cause. First year I went as zombie Bill from L4D then a zombie bride... and with 2014's date set I had to figure out what I want to do next...

I love being creative and acting like a zombie, the buzz of the event, the people there and the energy of like minded people having a great time, the confusion that we cause people.. it's all such fun and such a great day out. It costs nothing to come along and like i said... can't big it up enough!

But remember it is still all for a good cause and I always try my best to raise money and donate abit for the cause as well as have a great day.

The basic summary of WZD London is all meet in one place, a map is given out via email or whatnot with stops, we stop at these places for I think an hour at a time where you can doss around, drink and what not and then move on.

I always get lost and lag behind at some point...

The date this year is October 11th!

Hope to see you all there!

much love

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