Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Purge

The Purge

I never really wanted to see this movie, not like in a rush anyway. It came out and I thought...doesn't look too bad the concept looked interesting but it seemed very aimed towards the murder side of having no laws fir 12 hours so I was

But after looking at the movies for 2014 and saw it has a second movie coming out already so thought might as well see the first one. Went over someones house and decided we'd watch it. It started off so strong like the whole concept that America could benefit from letting all the dark intentions inside people out for 12 hours a year would help the nation, and it does.

That is a scary thought cus I myself would more then likely rob a bank or hide from it all but there is more then enough people who would enjoy the thought of killing someone it;s the same as in zombie movies, if a zombie apocalypse ever happened there would be so many people who would relish in the thought of getting to take another persons life... but them being zombies it;s different and there for survival.

Such a difference in the survival instinct and lust for blood, is it a thin line for some people? anyway maybe going off of topic a little bit..

But yes very strong start as the guy who sells people the systems to keep them safe is just cruising around and talking to the people he sold them too and goes home. Now the movie got weak as soon as his wife talks to one of the ladies that lives near them and she makes a snide comment.. Right away I knew that bitch was up to something... I hate being right sometimes.

Anyway it's everyone getting ready for lock down so they are safe for another year or murdering and what not cus hey no one wants to steal stuff or rob a bank, just go on mad killing loads like massive assholes.

So his family is him, his wife, his hot teenager daughter who wears her tight school girl outfit all movie and his creepy ass son who has a creepy ass doll spy cam so he can spy on his mother and sister.... not as creepy as his fucking eyebrows though... I wanted to pluck the hell out of those conjoined slugs...

Movie gets a little slow from here on and just turns into abit... meh but seeing people go off to 'hunt' was interesting. So nothing really happens until a homeless black guy is being chased and the son decides to let him in and save him.

At that point the boyfriend of still in her school uniform slutty mc slut bag snuck into her room, makes out with her then says he needs to talk to her dad... which means try and fucking kill him. Dad kills douchebag boyfriend and thus girl spends all movie crying and running around like a total faggot.

Black guy runs off to hide in the house. Turns out the BLACK, POOR, HOMELESS guy is being chased to be killed by a group of RICH, SPOILT, WHITE KIDS this doesn't seem like a crappy hate crime at all right? after that I was just... ugh don't care so much.

Also they are wearing creepy masks and baseball bats so.. it's just like.. The Strangers.

So it becomes The Strangers and the black guy helps them when their shitty people come to kill them.. LIKE I GUESSED, funny that right?

So yeah..... very strong start but fades into crap.

Scares: 1/5
Gore: 1/5
Plot: 3/5
Acting: 2/5
Overall Enjoyment: 3/5

Much Love

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