Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Zombie Awareness Month: Day 6 - T-virus is real?!

A make-up company called AVON had a product called Derma-Full X3 and it looks alot like the T-virus from the Resident Evil movie fame.

It does the following..

This truly innovative new Avon product offers injectable grade facial filler in an ultra concentrated serum. It reduces the look of deep wrinkles, improves undereye hollowness, adds youthful fullness and plumps out lines to give a younger looking you. It stimulates skin's own filling fibres for younger-looking skin in just 3 days*!

It reminds me of the cosmetics advert on the Ressi evil DVD..

It's creepy how similar these two things are and you have to wounder was it on purpose? then again I doubt people who buy anti ageing crap for millions would go 'THAT LOOKS LIKE THE THING FROM A VIDEO GAME!' like all of us nerds.

The Avon product got stopped awhile ago, did capcom decide it was too much like their thing? who knows...

Enjoy the pointless post.

Much love


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