Thursday, 13 February 2014

CUBE - Big ol box of doooom

Ok sorry it's been so long since I got my ass in gear and did anything but I have been dealing with alot of personal issues and also parent to a new baby heggie so been looking after her. FYI she's called DEXTER [holla to ma boy Michael C. Hall]

Anyway CUBE has been kicking around since 1997 and has a prequel and a sequel. It's one of my fav movies in the horror genre, it's so simple but complex at the same time and does gore and mind fucking in a beautiful combination that doesn't make it cheesy, boring or over the top.


The plot is basically this. Some unlucky assholes wake up in a giant killer Rubik cube. Every room is a different colour and I really think that this was the best and most cheap set to ever make. Just have two rooms side by side and change their colour from time to time. I bet that was a god send and also the costume design department must have been laughing.

With it just being a group of people moving from room to room it doesn't sound that great of a movie does it? you'd be wrong. As too many zombie related things do [I love you Walking Dead but I'm looking right at you with stink eye] one of the biggest issues of being locked in funky death trap box is the assholes you are stuck there with.

Characters are well rounded but being late 90's you can't help but get the vibe of 'token black guy' I think all three CUBE movies has angry hairless black guy. Not that they are type casting in the slightest right? anyway the group is well rounded and I didn't hate anyone.

They all wake up and freak out about where they are and what's going on. All your typical WHO DONE THIS? and turning on each other for answers but give it credit, one of the first horrorish movies to fit into that formula. Yes I do have my cock in CUBES ass but that doesn't mean I can't see it's flaws.

It's stupidly elaborate for what it is and makes no real sense why the government would go to such huge troubles to make a giant future like cube of death to sentence people. But hey it's fun or something?


Dealing with one another and accusations flying around like crazy they have to move around this huge cube of complex numbers, codes and traps. Think if Hell raiser cube had babies with SAW. That kind of smash together of ideas. They have to figure out what rooms are trapped and which ones aren't.

The traps range from acid in the face, cheese wire attacks, spies from walls.. all very much boobie trapped tomb vibe I spose but the tension and pacing is great. I loved the whole feel of the movie. Not once did it drag and for a movie that couldn't go anywhere really the character development is neat.

So trapped rooms that kill, maim and murder, some seriusly unhinged people and then throw someone who is very mentally handicapped into the mix. TA DA you have the cube.

It doesn't feel like it's from 1997 it feels like it's older but in a good way, feels dirty and gritty and a good watch if your more into your psychology thriller type horrors with a dash of face melty gore.

Gore: 3/5
Plot: 3/5
Acting: 4/5
Pacing: 4/5
Scares: 3/5
Overall enjoyment: 4/5

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