Saturday, 25 August 2012

AMC The Walking Dead FACEBOOK Game

So as many people have done in the past and present when bored and sick of looking at the same friend spam their facebook 20 times about their every movement or having to read that one friend who only talks about their freaking kids we've all been known to play one or two Facebook games.. while playing LOST BUBBLE I notice an advert at the side for a Walking Dead FB game so I jumped right on that.
I like the art style... how ugly it makes Shane which is true to the show to be honest haha.
You get to make your own character which is pretty neat, it's better then most FB games where you have very limited choice.. but saying that I think I had about 7 choices for tops, pants, shoes and like 5 for heads? By the way I look nothing like this I just felt this looked the least crap.
Also FB kept freezing and I had to keep resetting and making my char like 5 times before it got on with it.
Shane and his nose give you a step by step on how the game is played. Your health can be regenerated by giving up your stamina points, 10 a go in fact which is alot when once you've used up all your free shit for starting the game you can only move 28 times.
Ok now the super awesome fun missions. Most the time they just ask you to kill a few walkers, grab bags of food and water and every single time you risk your life for these assholes they just reply with something crappy like 'OH GUESS THAT'LL DO IT'S NOT ALOT THOUGH' fine do it your fucking self.
This is cool and I do like games which do it and that is you can level up your guy. You get 10 to start with and then after every mission you get another point to add. Each time you level up a skill the three empty slots become four.. then five.. so it gets harder and harder to upgrade.
Also after missions you get money to buy things and upgrade weapons... which can break FYI but like your stamina if you ignore the game and come back to it at the end of the day everything will be back and fixed.
You can also kill your friends which is abit..... um... not sure how I felt about that to be honest.
Oh and whats a kicker is in typical FB fashion you have to pay real money if you wanna play the game longer after you have run of of your daily bits and pieces and the free shit they pump you with for joining.
Every mission is very same-same and you realise that almost right away and to kill zombies you have to wait for a red cross hair to be in the right place and smack them around the head. If fighting isn't your idea of fun you can hide and sneak around them but as easy as it is to kill a zombie might as well do it, extra points.
So the game is ok, it passes like.. five minutes... it's easy as anything but least well madeish for an FB game.
Gore: 1/5
Scares: 0/5
Plot: 0/5
Overall enjoyment: 1/5

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