Sunday, 12 August 2012


Ages ago I bought a T-shirt from this company for my partner and loved it so much I later got myself one. I bought the 'BEWARE NECROMORPHS' from the DEAD SPACE franchise.

My T-shirt

So I bought it for £18 which is abit for a T-shirt but the colour was awesome and I fucking love DEAD SPACE and don't see enough of it. The company do loads of nerdy T-shirts, hoodys and prints and if you've seen them at conventions in the UK and been curious as to what they are like..

Well here's my review.

On the site I'm not confident that the images of the design are true to colour as my above T-shirt is clearly a darker blue then the sample image.

The sizing is good I bought a L for my M-L partner and it's comfy and nice fitting and I got mine in an XL as I like to wear my T-shirts as night clothes at conventions and just slumming around wear and it's so comfy I could live in it forever.

I've had mine washed alot on a normal wash and it still looks brand new. No colour fade, the crackled white background hasn't become any more or less tatty effected or damaged via alot of wear so it's very worth it's cash.

They do the DEAD SPACE one and DEAD RISING 2 horror related items.

Along with T-shirts and hoodys they also do large wall poster for £15 which I do find is abit much for a poster.

But all in all the colours may vary from real life to sample image the sizes are good, they are comfy and they last really well so if you have any doub't about them when you see them at a con, don't and go for it!

Want one of these but don't go to cons?



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