Thursday, 2 August 2012

Costume Of The Month

As everyone knows I'm bloody nuts for Horror [duh] and costumes/cosplaying so I decided from now on I'd hunt the corners of the net and pick my fav horror related cosplays and get them to do a little piece for the blog and this month [as new as it is..] is a BIG DADDY from the BIOSHOCK games.

Name: Adam Singer (aka ChrowX)
Age: Current 24, at the time of making the Big Daddy costume, 20
Where are you from?: Illinois, USA
How long have you been cosplaying?: 9 years, currently (started in 2003)
What did you decide to cosplay this character?: Partly because it was a challenge and partly because it was part of a group I was doing with friends (one as a Little Sister, the other as the Rosie Big Daddy)

Tell us about your costume: This thing was VERY heavy to wear, but after I finally wiggled my way free from it, I felt like I had a thorough understanding of what it felt like to be a Big Daddy, mostly because I had to move very slowly, stomping around in those huge boots, and stop every so often to scan my surroundings through the tiny portholes which I could barely see out of.

Surprisingly, most of the costume is made out of cardboard, built around a wireframe structure and layered in paper mache. Because of this, most of the cost of the costume went into glue, duct tape, and spray paint, making the whole thing surprisingly cheap.

Tell us something about the character your cosplaying: The Big Daddies from Bioshock are actually convicts, political prisoners, and homeless people taken off the streets from Rapture who were subjected to numerous painful surgeries and genetic modifications that left their organs and flesh fused to the insides of their heavy diving suits, leaving them as mindless protectors for the Little Sisters.

To see more of this guys awesome work then vist his DA PROFILE HERE

Big thanks to him for allowing me to use his images and to be part of my blog.


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