Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MPD Psycho

Multiple Personality Detective Psycho

So back to another Japanese manga in the horror genre for us but about as horror as 'SE7EN' where as horrid deaths and crime related things as apposed to full on horror but hey, gore is just as good right?

I just started to read it the other night and damn it's long but at least it's completed and pretty good going so I will be reading the rest.

So it's about a very good, very handsome, very smart detective that works on  gory case about a man who decapitates bodies and is abit of a messed up person and our main guy with his team are hot on his trail but all is not well in perfect looking man world!

He gets a package sent to his office and inside he finds his girlfriend still alive but chopped up, missing all her limbs and naked.

And he hunts down this sick mother fucker and manages to kill him which gets him in alot trouble and chucked into a nut house due to this sudden trauma with his girlfriend the way she is and the surge of pure anger the main guy has a break down and developed split personalities.

But years pass and a woman who he used to work with leaves the the force and makes her own business and hires the newly let out main guy to help her with future cases and he seems happy enough to do so and has a place to live.

So more gross killings come along including the most well known one. Woman being kidnapped and being turned into flower pots.

The manga is good, it's gory and interesting if not a fair bit confusing at times as he goes from having two people in his head to like four people in one head.. so it's a pain when they all have their own names and not just one name each... but a full first and second long Japanese name so unless your fab with names you might just gloss over like I did.

So the main guy has no memories whenever he turns into another person and this means the switch flips from time to time and he gets into some messy situations.

A TV show was made from the manga and directed by Takashi Miike who is a great film maker.

The crimes are well done, gory and nasty but all seem to have a very sexual element to them like the naked woman and the bondage type wear. Also alot of males seem to be very gender confused and feminine.
So far I have read about a cannibal, the flower pot woman and teen suicide cults and look forward to seeing more strange and odd cases for Mr overly handsome mental man to solve.

Art: 5/5
Gore: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Overall enjoyment: 4/5


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