Monday, 22 October 2012

Horror Fans

Doing pieces on the fans of the horror genre here and there is always fun and it's always interesting hearing from other fans.
Here I asked 'How old were you when you saw your first horror movie? what was it and what effect did it have?'
And here are some replies I got.
 "I was about 5 and I stole my parents video of The Howling. I think it messed me up a bit and definitely opened my eyes to hippie sex! I wanted to dance around a bonfire naked for years after that ... Haven't had the chance to ... Yet ;-)wink lol"
"My grandmother used to watch late night horror movies and (when I stayed with my grandparents) used to send me to bed when they came on. I think I was around 9-10 when she relented and let me watch KISS OF THE VAMPIRE. I fled the room before the credits were over and made a crucifix out of matchsticks and hid it under my pillow just in case. In my defence, the beginning of Kiss of the vampire is still pretty creepy to this day."
"For me my step dad showed me JAWS when I was like 5 and damn, to this day I won't watch JAWS even though people tell me it was really corny and bad but after this movie I was certain that if I used the toilet a shark would eat me, or if I went near any water. I hate boats like mad thanks to this"
"Think the first one i remember was From Dusk til Dawn, I was around 6 and I mostly thought it was gross because the vampires explode into slime or chunks or something"
 "I was tricked into watching Ghost Ship when I was about 9. It scarred me for life and after a few years of being terrified of my own shadow, I started developing an interest in the Macabre."
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