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Ideas For An Awesome Halloween

My most favourite time of the year next to Bonfire Night is coming up and I know it's a pretty big thing for people who love to dress up, love horror and love getting so drunk they end up in a strange persons bed with no shoes.
So I've not posted in awhile thanks to being busy with real life stuff and also EUROGAMER.. more on that in another post though so as a sorry for the huge gap in anything this post is going to be massive and hopefully will inspire people to do some awesome shit for Halloween.
Movie Night At Home
I know this is hardly the most wild way to spend your Halloween but sometimes there is nothing more fun then grabbing a bunch of friends, order in pizza get as much snack food as you can fit into a car and veg out to as many horror movies as you can fit in a night!
Have a night of the classics! spend the night in with good friends and watch the horror icons at work.
I suggest Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Dawn Of The Dead, Childsplay, Hellraiser.. all the classic. I mean alot of channels will play alot of the old movies on Halloween anyway but it never hurts to buy these great movies for your collection anyway.
Fright Nights
Thrope park has some awesome events going on around Halloween time and all through October in fact. Lots of rides in the dark and fright night only events. It'll cost you a bomb, upwards of £50 for two people but it looks like an amazing night out and I rather fancy it myself this year.
There is even a brand new attraction for 2012 horror nights and this one requires it's own booking but it's only an extra £3 per person.
And everything looks great at night so that's a good reason to go.
Movie Night
Alot of movie places often hold horror movie all-nighters in October or on Halloween itself so they are always worth looking out for. This is more then likely the biggest and most well known horror movie all nighter event.
But DAMN the ticket prices! If you are really into movies this is a great night for you but if you prefer abit more action... maybe not.
Games Night
Be it on your own or with friends a games night of nothing but horror games co-op or alone is also a fun night in.. unless you do it all the time then it's just another night in. But what about.. drunk? I'm telling you nothing is more fun then being drunk and playing house of the dead on your xbox. Great co-op games like HOTD and L4D are musts.
And of corse moving away from the 'gamer' part of a games night what about horror related boardgames? I have mentioned in a blog post before that went into detail on Atmosfear it's a good game to play with some boze in and some good friends, it's silly and very interactive and a great way to spend the night.
And hey there are now so many zombie related boardgames now it's hip and popular with the kids.
I really want to play this myself so might have a hunt for it cheap online before Halloween happens and invite my friends over for it.
Trick Or Treat
If you have kids this is still a great thing to do. I think it's really nice seeing family's going out together like this, the kid all dressed up and having a fun night out. It's a nice safe and fun thing to do for kids on a spooky day of the year. Or if you don't have kids it's really fun to decorate the crap out of your house and get loads of sweets in for people who come around knocking. I think the idea behind it is begging but at the same time it's just fun.
Oh and if you want to decorate your place.. ASDAs and poundlands do some really cute and funky things for super cheap. Very worth it.
Go To A Halloween Party
Inivted to a friends do or going to the local club dressed up in all your zombie splender this is the most obvious choice for alot of people who aren't into Halloween for what it means or for the horror side of it, just want to dress up and get as drunk as possible.
Clubs will no doubt play THRILLER a hundred times and you will see countless slutty cat girls and rushed together costumes but the atmosfear of just being drunk and dressed up is always a great one, wither you pour loads of time and effort into your costume of cruise ebay for cheap leg avenue alive costumes, it's fine. Have a great time, try to remember how to get home and be safe... in every sense of the word.
Hold A Halloween Party
If you have a nice big house you don't mind loads of drunk people vomiting all over then hold a Halloween party of your own! Movies, games, just drinking..whatever! If your holding a fancy dress party that doesn't involve alot of booze and more of a fun awake night then there are some great ideas for decorating and things to serve at your party!
Like I said before ASDA has some amazing stuff you can use and at this time of year alot of company's come out with horror related treats so if you don't want to bake that's always an idea.
ASDA items! (Always more in store)
Bat cups £1
Black and Orange plastic bowls £1 each
Bat bowls £1
Orange and Black paper plates £3
Mixed straws £1
Black cauldren £1
Would be great for putting sweets or food in and maybe as a punch bowl.
Now some cute things I found on the POUNDLAND website, more things are always in store.
Now on the subject of cake stands... if you want to bake some cupcakes for the party then I suggest going to the 'A Zombie Ate My Cupcake' book which I also reviewed. Or find something online : D and there is always the ZOMBIE COCKTAIL which can be made as follows..
1/4 shot peach schnapps (archers)
1/4 shot white rum
3 concentrated orange juice
3 concentrated pineapple juice
drizzle around the edge of glass grenadine
drizzle around edge of glass Blue Curacao
1/4 shot dark rum
So have a great Halloween party : D You could very easy hold one for less then £30 with decorations.
And every year even though I'm 25 I buy a pumpkin and decorate it I think they make the best decorations of all.
Ghost Walks/Tours
Something a little different. I've been on a Ghost Walk before in Oxford by the very talented and amazing Mr Bill Spectre and me and my group really enjoyed it and I can only imagine on Halloween ghost walks are just twice as great to be a part of.
Here is a list of some in the UK
Ghost Walk Of York £5 per adult £3 per child
Norwich Ghost Walks £6 Adult £4 children
Shiverpool Ghost Walks Liverpool £13 pp £10 under 16's
Bill Spectres Ghost Walk Oxford £7 adult £4 child
Two great sites for all things ghost trail and hunting visit ..
Zombie Events
Zombies walks, zombie events, zombie everything!
ZOMBIE SHOPPING MALL EXPERIENCE Live action zombie escaping game in a real abandoned mall.
READING - All year

ZOMBIE SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE DAYS Come and train for a zombie take over!
All over UK - dates varied
Beach Of The Dead Brighton On Saturday the 22nd of October Brighton will be covered in blood and walking zombies. A Zombie Walk procession starts at 15:00 on Victoria Gardens – next to Royal Pavilion, Grand Parade and finishes with after party in Concorde 2 on Madeira Drive. Approximately walk time is 2 hours.
World Zombie Day London - 13th Of October . Zombie walk and pubcrawl with live entertainment.
And I'm sure there are alot more zombie related things going on for the Halloween season
I know this sounds like an odd one but this is what I'm doing with friends on one weekend in our local group for Halloween. We are getting a large tent and in the dark going to have snacks, food, booze and decorate the tent with god knows what and tell horror stories.... also being in the middle of a field in the Oxfordshire wilderness... So dark, horror stories and more then likely cold wet weather.
Never done this before so sounds like it might be a good night out. Cheap thing to do but very old school like trick or treating oh and takes people back to their scout days I'm sure!
So... this post is a monster and I really hope it gives people some great ideas of how to spend the spooky season.
Much love and scares

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