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Create Your Own Murder Mystery

Create Your Own Murder Mystery

I'm sure people have heard of Murder Mystery nights ie on the whole cludeo kinda stream of thought. But how many people have ever been to one or even hosted one? I myself have done neither but I am planning on soon, invites are being made, plots are being sorted and people to invite are so far in the dark about their fates.

But the one thing I have noticed when thinking about going to them in the past is just how fucking pricey they are. I know your paying for meals and what not but a hall and a meal can't cost £200 per person surely? the DIY kits online are also pricey, I was looking at getting a kit to start my own but again.. $45 a person? just for a pack you download? now I understand that some people find planning hard, I do it boggles my mind sometimes too but I am not paying that.

So I decided to help people who want to host their own kickass Murder Mystery party, it'll even be free to look at and learn, just a link back, a simple thanks and email pics and how your party went to me at or hook me up on twitter yo. Always interested in people having fun and a good time, cus I'm the nicest and most best person in the world.

There's always levels of how you want to do things too like super cheap, good priced or going all out. I will be giving you ideas for the first two since if you wanna spend out the nuts that's your choice bro.

I will be going through some plots, some character ideas, invite ideas, decorations, tips and steps to hosting your party. This is all I have learned from being somewhat of a good party planner in the past, an entertainer and what I think would be fun.



1. Invite friends [if you have any..]

It's important to invite a good mix of people, people you know will get into it, role play, dress up, really get into the spirit and immerse themselves in the night. No one wants you to invite that boring prick whose always on his DS in the corner, no one. But also think is there going to be booze at your party? maybe avoid inviting friends you know who will see it as one big piss up and more then likely ruin it.

2. Be a good host

It's your party, your thing, and it's up to you to be a good entertainer, confident and also firm. Sometimes people might forget there is an object to the game and not to just mess around. Also it's up to you to make sure everyone knows what's going on and to have a great time, so don't fuck it up.

3. Plot

If your making your own and not looking online then make sure that it's creative and good, needs to be a good mix of interesting, creepy, scary and something to keep everyone interested.

4. Attention to detail

Make sure everyone knows what clues there are, what's happening so you can pick who the killer is. I suggest buying cheap props or cards that say 'Killed by a ___' and try talk among yourselves whose got motives against the dead person.

5. Charters + costumes

These are huge parts that make a party amazing. When handing out invites or facebook messaging people.. let them know who their assigned character is, about them and how they would dress or if it's a theme let everyone know the theme way in advance so people can come on theme. It's your job to design the characters and then assign them to people, assign people who would suit the roles, you'd not give your socially awkward friend the role of a loud mouth for example.

Try remember people might be on a budget and setting the theme to game of thrones is going to be a no no as not everyone has or can afford a medieval dress. Think of some easy ones, after all the common choices are pirates, prom night, cowboys, 1920s, 1950's and so on.  As host you should also be in costume even if your not playing along with everyone since your well.. the host.

6. Venue

Where are you holding it? at your home or a function room? remember how big your home is, what space you have before you invite everyone over. It'll be no fun having ten guests who have no room to sit, eat or do much of anything. If it's summer maybe do it in a garden or something.

7. Food

If your renting a function room or holding it at a bar they will more then likely have food. If your providing food, something on theme would be good ie pirates, rum and fruit? or something that people can help themselves too so they can walk around the talk to other guests, while being in character the whole time.. Talking about the murder and getting to role play as your given character.

8. Prizes

Give a prize to the person who works out the killer and for the best dressed/role played. Doesn't have to be pricey can even be a macaroni and glitter picture saying WELL DONE if you want it to be.

9. Times

Always make a programme, such as it starts at X, someone will get killed at X you can start eating at X and you have to come up with your conclusion and to why at X

Setting the scene

One of the most important things about a MM party is setting a scene it can be anything you want in any setting. Like I said there are very popular ones like prom, period drama, pirates etc so when writing about your MM party in the invite really put alot of thought into it.

Something simple like say a pirate one would be something along the lines of 'Your invited aboard the jolly Rodger for rum, booty and pillaging, but there is mutiny in someones heart, come and find out'

Ok I suck at intros on the spot but I am sure you get the idea. When creating your party give everyone the dress code and theme of the night as well as detailed character profiles for everyone. Again with pirate theme mention what sort of pirate each person is, not everyone will be a captain and need to dress as such for example. Make a mix of characters like captain, first mate, second mate, cook, doctor, wench etc.

Try provide food and drink that fits a theme and decorations as such and those should be pretty straight forward on the theme. Pirates would be barrels, rum bottles, flags, ropes etc and alot of that you can pick up cheap at alot of places like ASDA, wilkinsons, 99p store, pound world... etc etc.

If your going for an all over creepy feel then I do have ideas for a general creepy haunted house vibe for many settings. 

Decorations ideas...

I got some for an event and it's cool when the wax runs down as it's white on black, looks stylish and very 'Hocus Pocus'

Candles in general are great for decoration

Would make an awesome set piece on the dinner table.

Good for the pirate theme.

Just some examples of neat things. Remember ebay is amazing for all sorts of things as are local car boot sales.

Characters + Plot

Aside from all the obvious ones I think the following would be very fun.

A coven meeting and someones killed the head witch [Sorta like Coven - American Horror Story]
This would work for an all female party, could be famous witches or ones from different shows or make up your own ones for people.

Monster Mash - Famous monsters like a zombie, vampire, werewolf etc, could be one of the greats or again made up to suit your plot and people.

The Walking Dead - COME ON cosplay MM party as walking dead cast? effing amazing and whoever does this and provides me pics will get so much love and free candy.

And if your not in a venue or your place.. why not a camping trip MM? the dark, BBQ on the fire.. murder... it'll be like a fun Blare Witch project.

In any group everyone should have a motive as to why they killed the victim. It's the killers job so try and avoid being spotted and to maybe push blame on to others. The victim who is sadly dead now can still play along but can't win as they are dead and also no longer have to be in character, the killer and the killed won't know they are 'IT' until the party.

Everyone should be given an envelope with their motives for killing said person as well as a refresher into their characters if they have forgotten or too lazy to read the bloody facebook invite.

If your the victim you won't know who killed you but also won't be given a motive, obviously. 

I hope this sparked some ideas into your creative minds.


I don't think there is any 'set time' for a MM dinner to go on but maybe be aware of the time so it doesn't go on and on, drag and become boring or give people too much of a chance to get so pissed they can't even find the doorknob to get out of the toilet.

That's why I think keeping to a program might be a good idea but don't make it feel too rigid and strict. 

Say you start your party at 7pm asks guests to be there at least half an hour early so people who are late or as they say 'fashionably' late have some room to get their asses in gear. So I would do it as follows.

6.30pm guests arrive
7.00pm we start
At 7pm guests will be introduced to one another, the host gives a small intro on how the night is going to go and hands out letters containing motives and 'KILLER' 'VICTIM' cards and the guests have a chance to ask the host things before it really gets going.
7.30pm Chat and drinks
7.45pm Victim dies and first piece of evidence is talked about by the host.
8.00pm food if you haven't already had a help yourself style table.
8.15pm second clue and talk
8.30pm third and final clue and talk
9.00pm Time to guess the killer!

Between all these times guests are encouraged to talk with one another and try get to the bottom of the killing. While drinking, eating and being merry!

You could more then likely do this on a smaller time frame or a longer one but my personal choice is this, I think it'll be a full fun evening. But again, all depends on how you want to rock it.

Booze + Food

Friends of mine will tell you that I do themed nights and parties really well. I always stick to them at least and really through myself into it 100% and with an MM I think that's needed. 

Now I know some food/drink choices wont be on theme more so if your having a meal out at a venue or relying on pub grub but if your doing it all on your own.. when it comes to clear spirits/drinks then green and red food dye are your friends.

If you read my blog you'll know how gay I am for red food dye.

Could always serve food with a themed twist but when it's not around Halloween time or if you can't make things yourself it's just doing the best you can. But drinks would be easy, all sorts of cocktails like ZOMBIE. 

But look at these awesome drink related things!

So many awesome things on the wide world of ebay.

Hopefully this guide will help you all make an awesome MM party. This post has taken me hours to create so I hope you enjoy it.

Much love

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