Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ghost Stories

I decided I would share some more ghost stories from personal events that have either happened to me, people I know or family and trust me, coming from the middle of buttfuck nowhere that's been around as long as the doomsday book.. there's a fair few to share.

Again, if you don't believe in ghosts then it might not be your thing, and you might be able to poke holes but some of us believe without a doubt and not everything in life can be explained.. 

Cellar Ghost..

Back when I was 15 I got my first job in a local pub on a hill, I worked just as a waiter, getting dirty things from tables, washing them up, collecting glasses and all of that crap. I often got sent down to the cellar to grab things from the fridge and put down rubbish.

I only worked there a few months but in those months odd little things would keep happening..  The cellar was smelly, always really fucking cold and could always hear things. It was mostly the booze and all the tube systems and what not but sometimes it felt like you could hear steps on the cold hard floor. Like someone was coming down the cellar steps to join you.

It was two rooms, a small one at the back that was storage then the one with all the barrels and fridges. Sometimes, most times in fact the lights didn't work or flickered allot. All easy to explain things but it didn't change how freaking creepy it was and bare in mind I was 15 years old and told to go into a dark dank smelly place under the stairs.

I used to get out of there as soon as I fucking could. Aside from the foot steps and overall unpleasant feeling of the cellar other odd things happened. There seemed to always be a breeze that would bat the light switch string to the storeroom, not like even an expected amount from just opening up the trap door but like someone had just used it.

Once I clicked it to look into the storage room and it felt warmish, like someone had been playing with it or something. Again I tried to ignore the feeling something wasn't right. 

One day I went down into the cellar and there was a bottle of wine smashed on the floor, I asked co workers and the boss if they'd noticed and no one had done it. So I had to bloody clean up the mess like the valued bottom rung of the business ladder I was.

So now it was dark, smelly and I was dealing with glass and fumes of a really nasty over priced bottle of wine. Now comes one of the biggest things that shit me up, lights went off for a few moments and then back on and a really big piece of glass was missing. I fucking legged it.

I tried my best to avoid the cellar for the rest of the week, well for a few weeks.. Then I had to return and this was the last straw and I quit [I also found another job] I went to shut the fridge and the door just flew back open when I moved away, which such force.. I was gobsmacked.

And trying not to sound like a crazy whiny bitch I confronted my boss about all the shit in the cellar to which he replied 'Yeah it's haunted, some people died in there while hiding out years ago' by years ago he meant during the black death... oh good.

Make what you will of the story but christ. I hate cellars.

I hope you have enjoyed my fun story.

Much Love 

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