Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nightmare Fuel

I have no idea why but I found some truly horrible items today while online and decided to scare the fuck out of you guys. Prepare your anus [plural being anei? whatever] 

Teletubbies have always been fucking creepy, they live in the hills and worship a baby god in the sun and frolic making toast that looks like peoples faces, pink custard and other horrid things while all being a kids show.... But there things I found today? well..

They prey to their evil god.

Sleep tight kids...
Picture that in your room just staring and staring and staring into your very fucking soul.

Oh god it's worse then Slenderman, just in an empty room and you see this..

I have no words for these horrible masks.. it looks like they ripped off a humans face and made it fit their freakish noses and big eyes...

More terrifying then 'The Strangers'

Obviously a Japanese Teletubby deathmask..

Rotating head that watches you wherever you go..

You too can make your own tuby mask.. complete with the dead, soulless baby eating look in the eyes..

Severed head!

How about some sexytimes? the reflective TV is so you can see the look of horror on your own face as you get porked by this tubby, bondage, unicorn hybrid.

Sleep well kids.... sleep well...

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