Sunday, 27 April 2014

Troll Hunter

Been meaning to see this movie for awhile now and managed to get it pretty cheap in the end [ I don't pay double figures for my movies..] and it's been sat in my TO WATCH pile along with another 40 movies for seems like forever.

So it seemed like the best choice to watch, as most other ones in my to watch collection are subbed or old and I didn't feel like putting that much effort into seeing anything last night. I know TROLL HUNTER is also a forgien movie but you can have it in English dub. Normally if there's a chance for something dubbed or subbed I will always pick the subbed version as sometimes allot can be lost but Troll Hunter's dub isn't that bad, sometimes it's obvious and the voice actors could use allot more.. energy and passion but not the worst. Next time I will watch it in subbed though cus I have a feeling the man who plays Han's is an awesome actor with a dull as fuck dubbed voice.

Anyway enough on the tech and pointing out what a lazy fartbag I am.


Troll Hunter is a found footage type affair where a group of teenagers have a project to do and run around alot with shaky cam. I hate these kinds of movie, I really do, Clover Field gave me motion sickness for fucks sake but this one was good. If you too aren't a fan of having people run around with camera's like assholes I will tell you this, it's still well shot and not that 'shakey cam' though that makes no sense what so ever.

And the teenagers aren't annoying either.. which was the big shocker for me cus normally if it has a group of teens in it I will avoid it and not give two shites.

So three teenagers are making a project for college about the illegal bear poacher 'Hans' and they follow him around, ask him things just to be shot down and ignored. They soon follow the creepy old man into the woods where one of the teenagers is attacked by a large wild animal while hearing Han's yell TROLL.

Confused and injured Hans helps the kids get away which is very nice considering their shitty lime green crap waggon become a happy meal for a troll. Hans gets some what badgered into telling them the truth. He doesn't hunt bears he hunts Trolls, the kids find it very amusing but come along to one of his hunts.

They soon find out trolls are very real and this man does hunt them and kill them. Hans then lets them come along and video everything about troll hunting, the work he does and all about trolls while everything is still trying to be covered up by everyone else.

Hans allows them to film saying it's about time everyone knew the truth about trolls and what's going on. The movie goes into detail, such as how to avoid being killed by them which apparently means don't be a Christian.. It's never explained why trolls find those who believe in God so nommy but they have a scent [WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?]

It's well paced for something that has a 'documenraty' feel even when it starts off it's never boring, it's gentle but enough to keep you hooked until everything else is going on. I also love the not so subtle parts of the movie such as a troll living under the bridge and Hans putting three goats on the top as bait.. that was not lost on me at all.

Alot of you might not get that due to not being an old assbag like myself. 

Not alot to say about it other then it's rich with folk lore hints but in a very modern twist. 

Plot: 1/5
Scares: 0/5
Gore: 0/5
Acting: 3/5
Dub: 3/5
Overall enjoyment: 5/5

Love Jigsaw

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